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Return policy

You have the right to return the purchased products and request replacement.

Return Terms

1. The date of your order’s delivery to the date of the submission of the return request should not exceed the 4 calendar days.

2. The package should not be infracted and it should be in its original (manufactured) state.

Return Policy

1. Pack the product in a larger carton so that it is protected during the shipping.

2. Complete the ‘Return Form, which you received with your order, with the data requested and enclose it in the carton. Please take into account that the cost of return shipping will be covered by the customer.

We would like to clarify that in case that the product does not meet the above mentioned requirements, it will be returned to sender on his own charge.

For further information, you can contact us either at the following phone number: 0030 210 6683100 or via email at: eshop@tecnoskin-derma.com

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