Terms of Use

1. Protection of Personal Data

1.1. The handling and protection of personal data of the visitor/user of the site is governed by the present terms, the respective Greek legislation (L. 2472/1997 as this is presently valid, P.d. 207/1998, P.d. 79/2000 and Number 8 L. 2819/2000), as well as the European Law (Dir. 95/46/EU and Dir. 97/66/EU). The personal data collected in this site are the following:

O b l i g a t o r y:

Name, Surname, Street, Number, City, Postal Code, Telephone, Year of birth, Profession, e-mail address.

1.2. The handling and use of the data will be done exclusively by the company Aileron Pharmaceuticals Hellas MEPE and only for the declared purposes. As long as the visitor/user wishes to subscribe to the service(s) of this site, he or she agrees to: a) provide true, accurate, valid and complete information regarding the data requested in this site in the respective petitions for access in its domain and services and b) maintain and update his or her data in order to always remain true, accurate, valid, updated and complete.

1.3. The data is never made known to third parties (excluding where provided by Law, to competent only authorities), nevertheless their personal character is preserved. This site maintains archives with this data for the sole purpose of contact, statistics and improvement of the rendered services,

1.4. In any case, the user/visitor of the site has the possibility to contact the competent department in order to verify the existence of his/her personal record and to request its deletion, correction or modification. People underneath 18 years old may have access to the site only under the consent of their parents or custody and are not obliged to make known their personal data.

1.5. The site may use cookies for the verification of the visitor/user of certain services and pages of the site. The cookies are small text files which are stored in the hard drive of the visitor and do not acquire knowledge of any archive of the computer. They are used for statistical purposes in order to determine the most popular or useful pages of the site.

1.6. Regarding specifically the services of chat rooms and forum, the site may record messages which are sent by visitors/users in order to verify the existence or not of any deviation of the present, and in no case to make their content known to third parties.